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I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Digital Media with an emphasis in Cinema Production in 2016. From there I've freelanced in the film industry as a screenwriter, director, cinematographer, camera operator and editor. 

My passion for filmmaking has garnered a loyal following across social media platforms. With over 30k combined followers from Instagram 24k+, TikTok 4,600k+ and a growing presence on YouTube and Facebook. I've been able to connect with like-minded individuals who share my love for the art of filmmaking from all over the world.
Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, I find inspiration in the breathtaking landscapes surrounding me. I am available for travel. :)

My short film, Out to Lunch, which I wrote, directed, Dp'd, and edited premiered at the International Utah Film Festival in 2024. Where I was also nominated for the Woman Filmmaker of the Year Award. 

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